On September 24, 2023, the Ragweed Jazz Band welcomed trumpeter Brigham Phillips as the band’s newest member. Brigham is a renowned multi-instrumentalist, arranger, composer and educator. Under the leadership of Bob Wellbourne, the Ragweed Jazz Band has been a mainstay on the Toronto jazz scene since the late 1970s.

Peter Turner (L) with Brigham Phillips. Photo by Bill Symmons.

The monthly Fever Pitch Hot Jazz sessions at Ottawa’s Art House Cafe are introducing a new generation to the irresistible sounds of traditional jazz! Photos below were taken by Curtis Perry on January 27, 2023. These sessions take place on the last Friday of every month.

Talented guitarist and leader Kyle Jordan lays down some rhythm. Photo by Curtis Perry.
Kyle and the others try to get clarinettist Scott Poll to cheer up! Photo by Curtis Perry.
With every performance, tuba virtuoso Keith Hartshorn-Walton propels the band to new depths. Photo by Curtis Perry.
Scott Poll’s swinging clarinet solos bring a touch of class to the group! Photo by Curtis Perry.
When not busy doing laundry, avid trad jazz fan Sander Mommers often sits in on percussion. Photo by Curtis Perry.
Trombonist Peter Turner acknowledges the audience at Art House Cafe. Photo by Curtis Perry.
More enthusiastic listeners at Art House Cafe. Photo by Curtis Perry.
Nothing beats an appreciative and attentive audience. That’s why we love playing Art House Cafe! Photo by Curtis Perry.

Grossman’s Tavern in Toronto has been a live music destination since 1943! In December 2022, Peter did a “double-header” at Grossman’s – playing on Saturday with the Happy Pals and on Sunday with the New Orleans Connection All-Star Jazz Band. The photo below is from the Sunday session.

L to R: Charlie Trainor, Toby Hughes, Chuck Clarke, Peter Turner and Chris Daniels. Jack King is hidden. Sadly, Chris Daniels died less than two weeks after this photo was taken. As founder of the Climax Jazz Band – and as bassist in numerous other groups – Chris has been a key leader in the traditional jazz scene – in Canada and internationally. Photo by Bill Symmons.

On June 20, 2022, musicians and fans gathered at Queen Victoria’s Pub in Scarborough to celebrate the life of Dorine “Do” Dinsdale. Do was the beloved wife of Brian “Dinny” Dinsdale, leader of Dinny and the All Stars. Bill Symmons and Christine Yeung shared their photos of the event.

Brian “Dinny” Dinsdale
L to R: Micky Loran, Toby Hughes, Dinny, Chuck Clarke, Jamie MacPherson and Peter Turner
Master drummer Glenn Anderson
Jamie MacPherson and Tony Quarrington not taking themselves too seriously
The enchanting Roberta Hunt sings and plays!

Toby Hughes on sax. Great singer too.
A song from the multi-talented Zoey Adams
Joy and Jamie MacPherson hanging out with drummer Ian Boyes
Ron Johnson and Adam Saunders taking a break
Dan Douglas slid by for a couple of tunes…
… and do did Jamie Stager. So many trombones! That’s Ron Johnson on bass.
The ever-distinguished Adam Saunders sat in on piano.
Lynn Eberhardt of Rochester NY provided heavy equipment.
Renowned reedman Ross Wooldridge
Chuck Clarke – known to many as a drummer – is also a fine trumpet player.
Brian Graville sat in on piano. He also plays cornet and clarinet!
Peter Hill dropped in on the way to his trio gig at the Rex
Micky Loran – another fine reedman, and a mainstay of Dinny and the All Stars
The great Mike Allen on guitar
Dorine Dinsdale memorial display